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Shed & Shred Fitness Class

The Edge is confident that we have a group fitness class for everyone! Our classes are designed for people of all levels, abilities, and ages. Whether you're looking for increased flexibility, toned muscles, or an all-around "calorie burner," we have a class designed to get you there. Shed & Shred Fitness Class is a great addition to your workout, and our trained instructors are dedicated to helping you reach your fitness goals. Shed & Shred fitness class at the Edge combines hard work, an energetic and exciting atmosphere, great people, and results!

Our Personal trainers lead one-hour classes through a blistering combo of workouts, which implement techniques and movements from kickboxing as well as other exercises. Students work with medicine balls and master plyometrics as they build strength, muscle endurance, and muscle tone.

Get in Shape with "Real Life" Exercises through Functional Training
By incorporating functional training in a small group training atmosphere, you're helping your body to "function" better in everyday life, doing everyday tasks. Training functionally means that you'll use movements that imitate, in some way, your regularly used movements and body positions – strengthening your body and improving overall fitness in daily life.

*Fitness Fact: The functional training method has roots in rehabilitation therapy and is used daily in rehab, sports, and physical therapy establishments.

Now that we've completed our functional training program, results are speaking for themselves. Members are raving about the program and can't seem to get enough of it!

You will be amazed at what you're capable of after just a few workouts with our instructors!

What Makes Our Program So Successful?

  • It's built around two solid goals and principles: RESULTS and FUN.
  • We create an atmosphere of fun, camaraderie, and friendly competition through group interaction, high fives, partner exercises and a "big finish" at the end of each session for a last pop of energy.
  • We advocate for educated trainers who understand body mechanics, physiology, progressions, and injury protection.
  • Our trainers are extremely passionate about fitness and are known as some of the best motivators around.
  • We educate our members not just on HOW to execute a move, but explain what the benefits are, which muscle group(s) it works, what modifications can be used and what progressions to add to step it up a notch.
  • Our education of members extends to explaining how and why a given workout is chosen for the day.
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