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Submission Grappling

Submission Wrestling (also called Submission Fighting, and technically referred to as Submission Grappling) is a sports modality and a general term that is used to describe the aspect of martial arts and combat sports that focus on clinch and ground fighting with the aim of obtaining a submission using submission holds. Submission wrestling as a separate sport integrates many grappling arts into a single system, and can include techniques from a wide range of arts.

Our submission wrestling is an exciting combination of both Eastern & Western grappling arts. It blends together the arts of Scientific Wrestling, Greco-Roman, Freestyle, all Mediterranean basin wrestling styles, Russian folk wrestling, Sambo, Pankratium, and of course English All-In Wrestling and Catch-as-Catch-Can.

At our gym you will learn the NHB / Submission fighting inside and out!
Learn: hundreds and hundreds of NHB & Submission drills, in-depth strategies, winning tactics and evasive tricks. Training sessions, teach Stances, Footwork, Positional Domination, Movement, Focus Pads, Punches, Kicks, and Elbows from every direction from every position. Bag Work, Aggressive Drills, Combinations, Interactive Chain Drills, The Aggressive Defense, Sparring, and more... Our trainers are a living breathing, encyclopedia of hard core NHB.

Whether you are a serious competitor, coach or martial artist, this course will provide you with a structured logical progression for your training and teaching needs. If you are an absolute novice it will get you started on the road to becoming a seasoned fighter. No matter what your level of experience, this is designed to take you from zero to 60 in the minimum amount of time possible.

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