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MMA Programs


The Boxing programs provides instruction in the basics of boxing that include rhythm, footwork, coordination, combinations, heavy bag work, and hitting focus mitts. These workouts provide a total body workout, increasing stamina, muscle tone, and burning more calories than most other workouts available. Programs are highly individualized and are for all ages and ability levels.

This is the Real Deal - Not Boxercise

This is the REAL DEAL taught in a safe controlled environment.

Real Boxing Taught by a Real Boxer!


 1-on-1 @ Competitive Edge

  • With1-on-1 Boxing lessons you get the trainers undivided attention, privacy from onlookers, and scheduling at your convenience at reasonable rates
  • Classes available for Men, Women & Children

Lessons Include:

  • Boxing Fundamentals (Footwork, Proper Technique, etc.)
  • Offensive Skills (Jabs, Hooks, Straights, Combinations, etc.)
  • Defensive Skills (Bobbing, Weaving, Blocking, Counter-punching, etc.)
  • Skipping Rope
  • Cardio Training
  • Polymetric Training
  • Light Weight Training & Calisthentics
  • Proper Weight Loss & Dietary
  • Roadwork & Sprinting
  • Sparring (at your request)
  • Bag Work
  • Mitt work and much more....
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