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MMA Programs

Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC), also known as "no-holds-barred" and "ultimate fighting", is the fastest-growing professional sport in the world. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) encompasses the most effective combat tactics from multiple disciplines and styles of martial art. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA/UFC) is a complete fighting system. Students develop a variety of skills for striking, grappling, groundwork, submission holds, joint locks, and takedowns, as well as conditioning for speed, strength, endurance, and flexibility. Training incorporates striking and grappling arts: Judo, boxing, kickboxing, and wrestling.

Submission Grappling

Submission Wrestling (also called Submission Fighting, and technically referred to as Submission Grappling) is a sports modality and a general term that is used to describe the aspect of martial arts and combat sports that focus on clinch and ground fighting with the aim of obtaining a submission using submission holds. Submission wrestling as a separate sport integrates many grappling arts into a single system, and can include techniques from a wide range of arts.


The Boxing programs provides instruction in the basics of boxing that include rhythm, footwork, coordination, combinations, heavy bag work, and hitting focus mitts. These workouts provide a total body workout, increasing stamina, muscle tone, and burning more calories than most other workouts available. Programs are highly individualized and are for all ages and ability levels.

This is the Real Deal - Not Boxercise

This is the REAL DEAL taught in a safe controlled environment.

Real Boxing Taught by a Real Boxer!


 1-on-1 @ Competitive Edge

  • With1-on-1 Boxing lessons you get the trainers undivided attention, privacy from onlookers, and scheduling at your convenience at reasonable rates
  • Classes available for Men, Women & Children

Lessons Include:

  • Boxing Fundamentals (Footwork, Proper Technique, etc.)
  • Offensive Skills (Jabs, Hooks, Straights, Combinations, etc.)
  • Defensive Skills (Bobbing, Weaving, Blocking, Counter-punching, etc.)
  • Skipping Rope
  • Cardio Training
  • Polymetric Training
  • Light Weight Training & Calisthentics
  • Proper Weight Loss & Dietary
  • Roadwork & Sprinting
  • Sparring (at your request)
  • Bag Work
  • Mitt work and much more....

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Competitive Edge is the place to be for world class Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Our instructor, Bob Mattis, is a IBJJF and JJGF Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with more than 25 years of various Martial Arts technique. Competitive Edge is proud to offer classes for students of ALL LEVELS of experience (from no experience at all to accomplished martial arts), and fitness (from overweight to super fit).

Japanese Weapons

Bushidō, meaning "Way of the Warrior", is a Japanese code of conduct and a way of life, loosely analogous to the European concept of chivalry among others. It originates from the Samurai moral code and stresses frugality, loyalty, martial arts mastery and honor unto death. Bushidō developed between the 9th to 12th centuries as set forth by numerous translated documents dating from the 12th to 16th centuries.

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