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After School Alternative (Competitive Edge)

If you have children, then you are well aware that after school alternative is a necessity.  Especially if you work all day, you need someone to be there for your kids.  In this day and age, there are so many options out there but not all of them are beneficial.  Sure, it’s easy to have someone pick your kids up from school and have them sit with them until you get home.  But what if there was a way that your child could be learning a skill/hobby while being closely supervised? Competitive Edge is the solution.  Here’s why….

Transportation Services

Competitive Edge has an amazing transportation service that will get your child from school and keep them busy until 6 pm.  This is a very convenient service that is provided for the after school martial arts program.  It also alleviates the stress of how your child will get to Competitive Edge.

Summer Camp

Before you know it schools will be closing for the summer.  Do you know where you will be sending your child?  Look no further.  Competitive Edge runs a martial arts summer camp from July 11-July 15th and August 8th –August 12th.  You can choose a half day or a full day and field trips are also an option.  Competitive Edge also offers a school closing day camp on the days your child’s school is closed for holidays.

So what are you waiting for? Your child will be in an environment where they will be learning martial arts, meeting new friends, and having loads of fun.  Let Competitive Edge be your #1 choice for after school coverage.  


Are you a big fan of boxing? If you are you probably gather around the television with your friends and family when a big fight is airing on cable.  If you are a die-hard fan you either have taken up the sport, or you want to know what it is like.  Competitive Edge is the place to go if you want boxing lessons.

The lessons are one on one and are taught by a real boxer.  You will be taught real boxing techniques, which is not common in most places.  The rates are very fair and reasonable Competitive Edge offers evening classes for those who are busy during the day.  

Boxing can really help you get into shape and is a very creative way to lose weight than going to the gym.  Taking boxing classes with Competitive Edge can boost your confidence and just help you burn off some steam.  Who doesn’t need that?  Classes are open to children and adults and are conducted in a safe and controlled environment. You will not be disappointed with what Competitive Edge has to offer.


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