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"We just wanted to drop you a note to express how much we've enjoyed watching our children learn and grow this year in Competitive Edge's martial arts after care program. Even though this is their second year with you, we continue to see positive changes emerge in both of them, not only from a physical standpoint, but also from an emotionally developmental one as well.

Knowing that our children have a safe environment to go do daily where they can work on their homework as well as develop their martial arts skills is of great comfort to us. We know that under the leadership of you and your staff, they are learning tools that help them deal with bullying, building self-esteem, and furthering their character development. Your reinforcement of the values we try to teach at home (respect, honesty, kindness and consideration) is very much appreciated! We look forward to them continuing their skill-building with you this summer during your camp weeks.

Thank you for all that you & your staff do!"

Bonnie & Myles Gibbons

"Woaw! What a great staff! We have been sending our now 11 and 12 year olds for 3 years counting. Schedule is routine so easy for parents, no week to week changes, just come when classes are offered! Teaching is varied and done by several instructors with various focus. You have "forms" where the student has to memorize moves, good for the little ones that need focus. More experienced students get to coach less experienced ones, great skills for both! Brazilian jujitsu is also offered and the kids love it! On Saturday we are lucky to have 3 classes in a row Saturday morning with weapons, self defense and forms offered over close to 3 hours! Great to get the kids energy out, fantastic dedicated teachers! Classes are always offered on the schedule. Kids get great experience on so many levels! Parents don't have to drive through montgomery county with changing weekly schedule. Win win! Thank you Competitive Edge!"

Olivier Carre

"I have been going to Competitive Edge for a little over five years now and I love the small classes because then you don't have to worry about not getting your questions answered. I also like Competitive Edge because of the instructors. I like the instructors because they each have their own personality and it is good to have different people with different personalities teaching, because then the students will know how to deal with people with those personalities."

Lauren Jackson

"We have the whole family enrolled and are really enjoying the experience - especially the fact that there are several teachers. This gives us a great breadth of perspective. Each instructor brings their own unique focus - forms, fitness, or technique."

The Talatys

"At first I was a little hesitant as my 8 year old was coming from another school with his green belt. However, we both quickly loved the black belt instructor. My son also loves the small classes and personal attention. I love the easy to understand fee structure with no upfront fees or long term contracts. Terrific experience!"

R. Lemire
Fort Washington

"My two sons had been taking karate at another local school, and I was not happy with the large class sizes, and the lack of individual attention my sons were receiving. I have since switched to Competitive Edge, and I could not be happier. The amount of attention they receive is phenomenal, and their forms and focus have improved tremendously. My boys love Ms. Marie, the instructor, because she makes the classes fun for them as well as teaching them the basics. They are more physically fit and healthy now as well because of the attention focused on warm-ups and being active in class. I have noticed a big improvement in both my sons. I could not be happier at Competitive Edge, and I urge you to come in and experience it for yourself!"

The Kline Family
Maple Glen

"I have been going to Competitive Edge For 2 or 3 years and it has been a great experience for me. I remember long ago when Mr. Monroe said to me when I was a white belt 'Just think with a little training and a lot of hope you can look back on this day when you are a blue belt.' and just look at me now I am a blue belt! Competitive Edge is also a great place to build self confidence. I learned how to protect my self when a stranger approached me, By saying "Back Off!" and run away. Competitive edge is also the ultimate work out gym! You always get a work out while your in class, But a lot of people don't realize it because they're having so much fun and don't even realize that you're actually working out! Competitive Edge is the most Educational Martial Art Training Center in the world, Because it teaches you many things including: The Rules of Tae Kwon Do, How to Count in Korean, What Tae Kwon Do REALLY means, And the ways to Respect your Peers and your Tae Kwon Do Instructors. I hope to test for my Black belt by December this year It will be hard work but I know with the help of our wonderful Instructors Like Ms. Marie, Ms. Sharon, Mr. Monroe, Brandon and other instructors I know I will get my black belt! And one day when I am the highest rank of black belt I can be I know I will leave competitive Edge with a smile on my face! But my goal right now is Black Belt and Beyond!"

Danielle Rutledge-4th Grade age 10

"Competitive Edge worked with my children when they had difficulties with some poomsaes. They pride themselves on acquiring a personal relationship with the families and the instructors take special interest in your children, as do the owners of Competitive Edge. They incorporate Taekwondo instruction with a fun learning environment. Also, they are very accommodating and flexible when it comes to class schedules. My boys loved the fact that they could not only participate in Karate but they could also partake in the Jujitsu classes, all in one facility. It was like one stop shopping for me."

Margie LaSorsa

"Our two daughters have been enrolled at Competitive Edge for over three months. They wake up every morning anxious to go to the next class. The Competitive Edge instructors distinguish themselves through their exemplary patience and compassion when dealing with the children. We look forward to many more months of our children's continuing development in body and mind through their martial arts training."

Sean and Gwynne Clark
Willow Grove

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